• Runs In The Family3:29

  • Captain Sully (Afro-Jersey)4:50

  • Francis3:43

  • Imprint3:26

  • Tinkle6:00

  • So (Can We Go Home Now)4:47

  • Expecting Your Love4:44

  • Maxwell3:33

  • Stick Up Hair3:04

  • Exposure4:26

Impromptu "Hallelujah Chorus" at the annual Christmas carolling at  Washington Square Arch in 2014. Barbara Morillo and I have kept this tradition alive for 40 years. This one blew my mind. All these people knew the song with no rehearsal!       (Video by Sandi Bachom)

  • The Unrecovered One4:01

  • Earth Rock3:36

  • Tibet (from Us an'Them)5:04

                   "Star of Wonder"

  Sung by Chor Leoni conducted by Erick Lichte