"Nobody teaches guitar better than Terre Roche, a world-famous performer who continues to study music herself, long after rocking Saturday Night Live. Great teachers combine keen eyes with vast knowledge and a deep understanding of the challenges their students face. Terre is a master of all three, and I've never met anyone who is better at teaching beginners.

And don't forget to take your Fretboard Vitamins!"

- Gary Marcus

Author of "Guitar Zero"

Workshops of Note

October 2014 - Yosemite Songwriting  Retreat

- co-headliner and teacher

July 2015 - California Coast Music Camp - Beginning Guitar and Fingerpicking

July 2015 - Puget Sound Guitar Workshop - "Pulling Songs Out of the Trees": a unique approach to songwriting and Beginning Guitar

2005 to Present - Music Coordinator for Lanny Harrison's "Characters in Motion" at The New York Shambhala Center.

From the very first note you play, you're playing music. That's my teaching philosophy in a nutshell! If you're interested in private lessons, I teach at my studio in New York City. You can contact me at terre@terreroche.com to inquire.

I also offer online lessons through skype or mp3's, depending upon what suits you best. To purchase an online lesson, go to the STORE page where you'll find a Paypal button.

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photo by Marian Wilson


Woody Mann (guitar)

Alan Hanlon (guitar)

Garry Dial (piano)

Robert Fripp (guitar)

Meliset Abreu (classical guitar)

Sidiki Conde (djembe drum)

Charlie Banacos (jazz studies)

Fei Fei Yang (erhu) (currently)

St. John School of the Arts Songwriting Workshop (Year One)

Sponsored by the ASCAP Foundation

FRETBOARD VITAMINS is a game based on the way I explain the sometimes confusing layout of the guitar fretboard to myself. Using the 5 C-A-G-E-D scale forms it's a series of contemplations designed to allow you to experience the pleasure of going slow and "practicing with no hope of fruition." This deck of cards was drawn by me with the help of my cat Maxwell.